The HO`IKE Group &
HO'IKE & Associates Consulting

SUSTAINabilityTM Focused - Prosperity, People, Planet & Purpose
Based on Native Hawaiian Principles & Values

                         Catalysts for Creating Social Capital
                                Using SUSTAINableTM Technologies

Creating Balanced Businesses to Balance Life

We all feel the shifting taking place at this moment in time. A transformation, changing our planet, our lives and business as we know it. We want more balance in our lives. We want more money. We want more happiness. We want global security and unlimited resources. We want more and deserve more.

We are at the forefront of a new age, where business, not government nor NGOs, have the power and flexibility to positively revolutionize our communities and our planet, to create more empowered lives that are in balance, living in synchronicity and embracing time in a new paradigm. A new way of living, of loving, of knowing.

We believe that One Plus One Equals Eleven. This is the time for enterprises to embrace collaboration and impart wisdom. This is the time to nurture your inner Spiritual Warrior. This is the time for YOU and for ME and for US.  We all are on this planet together.

We provide guidance to companies, nonprofits, communities and their leaders that want to ‘make money, do good and make a difference’ to shift to their next evolutionary stage resulting in more prosperity for all, healthier communities and a healthier planet.

We do this by guiding social enterprises using The HO`IKE Way™, a hybrid (hapa) system incorporating Western business practices with traditional Hawaiian values, creating stronger, more sustainable and more prosperous entities.

We are the catalyst creating social capital in our community positively impacting economic, health and community prosperity.

Our Focus:

  • SUSTAINable and social enterprise companies and nonprofits that already have proven technologies and programs that positively impact our communities and the world and need vision, team, strategy, capital and growth management.
  • Developing companies and nonprofits in the social enterprise realm that need visioning and sequencing support while securing their seed capital.
  • Inspiring spiritual warrior revolutionaries to commit to this path.

Team of Experts & Advisors

We have a team of experts in areas such as social marketing, web-based product development and revenue maximization, channel marketing and brand management, financial management and accounting, administrative management and systems development, intellectual property and securities attorneys, software development, social media, SEO, non-profit funding resources and grant development, nonprofit attorneys and more.

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The real question is . . . how fast do you want YOUR business to grow?

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