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About CEO Space International


CEO Space
is the ultimate CEO resource to help businesses grow to the next level.  With more than a 20-year track record, CEO Space has an international membership of over 70,000 members in industries ranging from clean technology, health care, automotive, high tech, retail, B2B, restaurant chains, innovative food and beverage products and more.  Coming together in a spirit of cooperation, these CEOs share what they know and who they know to help each others’ businesses to thrive!

If you want to grow your business to the next level, you may face one of these three significant obstacles:


  • You lack the right information. Most business owners are smart, determined and resourceful. But if they lack specific knowledge and skills about how to grow their business rapidly, sales and profits can stagnate or decline.

  • You don’t have access to the right resources. Rapid growth takes capital, customers and contacts with people in the right places who can help you move forward. Without these key connections, growth is difficult or impossible.

  • You don’t get qualified support. Even bright people need coaches, mentors and a supportive team to empower their progress. Otherwise, they never see past their blind spots or get valuable advice and ideas to help them grow.

CEO Space helps CEOs and entrepreneurs like yourself grow their businesses by:


  • Giving access to key resources. Through the Forum, as well as the CEO Space community, CEOs connect directly with hundreds to thousands of contacts. These include potential investors, customers, clients, suppliers, alliance partners and others who can help them.
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    • iConnect
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    • S.N.A.P.
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Next Steps


1 – Schedule a 20–Minute Business Growth Assessment. 
If you’re serious about growing your business to the next level, are you willing to invest 20 minutes to gain new insight about the process? Spend just 20 minutes on the phone as international business growth strategist Kehau Kali asks you seven key questions about your business, including what you need next.


2 – Watch a Prospective Member CEO Space video.
Click on the brief video to get a better understanding about how CEO Space has helped other CEOs accelerate the growth in their companies, learn key growth strategies, raise capital and expand their businesses.

3 – Attend a local CEO Space meeting or join a national business coaching & networking teleconference call.  At these free business networking events, meet other CEO Space members, mentors and executives as well as other people interested in learning more about CEO Space.  Receive free coaching from experts in capital acquisition, branding, marketing and more.


4 – Make a decision.  Confer with your team members and family and decide if you are serious about improving your profitability, increasing the ‘fun’ element in your life and decreasing the stress from handling business challenges on your own. If you are ready, then CEO Space is the right investment for you. Contact Kehau Kali for CEO Space Lifetime Membership details and current promotional savings.

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