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Social Enterprises "How To"
8-week Teleseminar Course


“7 Secrets of Sustainable, Prosperous Social Enterprises
& How YOU Can Be One Too”



Kehau Kali Berquist

Learn prosperous business strategies
that have helped entrepreneur/trainer,
Kehau Kali Berquist, teach many how to create
prosperous businesses in a short
amount of time.

Let me ask you some questions -

Do you feel that you have to choose between making money and doing good?

Do you have enough money to do all that you want to do with your business?

Does your non-profit have enough community funding to serve your clients’ needs?

Do you need a business plan now to help you get the money you need?

Whether you’re interested in sustainability, conscious capitalism or social entrepreneurship, they’re all
referring to the same basic thing - making money & doing good!

YOU do not have to choose between MAKING MONEY and DOING GOOD.
I used to believe that I could either earn big $$working in Corporate America or
run nonprofits and feed my soul’s purpose.

WE CAN CHOOSE BOTH - making money and doing good. This has been my passion
for 20 years now, and the rest of the world is just now catching up.

I call it the 4 Ps: purpose, people, planet and prosperity.  By applying The Ho`ike Way
which combines pragmatic Western business practices with traditional Hawaiian values,
your business will be more prosperous, SUSTAINable™ and self-sufficient.

In our teleseminar series you'll discover...

  • How to make a difference, make a living and make money.
  • How to balance making money w/ doing good and not going broke.
  • How to attract investors, receive capital and keep control.
  • How develop a strong community presence.
  • How to leverage your assets without losing your a--.
  • How to attract fun, like-minded people to join you, make money,
  •    have fun and a difference.

Barbara Pellegrino

Kehau saw more in me than I saw for myself. I wanted to                        
teach a few friends how to live their best life using a                        
Visionboard. Kehau showed me what is possible and how
to share it with the world!

Barbara Pellegrino, CEO, Creative Living Seminars

Karl Schweitzer Unless you can successfully envision, finance, develop,
produce, market and sell your product or service all by
your self - it is all about collaboration, the team you                        
build – the willingness to grow and learn – fail – learn                        
from the failures and never give up.

Karl Schweitzer, Entrepreneur, Inventor,
Advertising Company Executive

Now, at this point you also may be

Who is Kehau Kali Berquist? Why Should I listen to her?

Here are 5 Reasons Why I'm The One who will finally show you
step-by-step how to transform your business, project or
non-profit into a sustainable, prosperous social enterprise:

I'm usually 'ahead of the curve.'
When I got my MBA
from UC Berkeley in 1993, I would 'debate' my
professors and peers about the importance of making
and 'doing good.' They questioned why I was
there if I didn't care about making a profit. I replied
that it's important to care about BOTH. Now, almost
20 years later, these same professors are recognizing
the importance of social entrepreneurship and social
capital – basically
making money and doing good.

Now, when I guide my international social enterprise
clients using
The Hō‘ike Way™
, they are experiencing
success beyond their wildest dreams - raising capital,
engaging team members and mentors and changing
the world, one person at a time.

I taught Western-style business concepts like strategic
planning, social entrepreneurship, marketing,
entrepreneurship and raising capital at UC Berkeley,
Hawaii Pacific University and to thousands of CEOs at
CEO Space.
I have guided many social enterprise clients
by translating these business skills into a hybrid model
incorporating traditional Hawaiian values and
And now, I want YOU to benefit as well!

I've led corporations and not-for profits on a local,
statewide and national level, learning the hard way
what works and doesn't work. I will share my secret
tips and techniques
that I've accumulated and mastered
to benefit YOU when facing daily business challenges.

Success is not a destination; it's a journey. So let's
make it as fun, amazing, delightful, stress-free and
must-see as possible!

For most of my consulting career, I didn't market or
advertise my services. I didn't have a website or even
business cards. I broke all the 'conventional business
rules of success'.
ALL of my clients heard about me
and called me to help them take their ventures to the
next level.
After 12 years, I've now agreed to teach this
special course for social enterprises
so YOU can learn
my SECRETS and be a prosperous social entrepreneur

Register now for this 8-Week Teleseminar series
which begins on June 26, simply click the button below:

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When you register for the Social Enterprises "HOW TO" teleseminar,
you’ll receive:
  • 16 Classes over 8-weeks course ($3600 value)
  • 3 Bonus Classes on financial records & tax savings, social media, team building and easy business metrics ($300 value)
  • 12 EnLiven EnVision Strategic Tools and Exercises ($600 value)
            Total Value - $4,500
For only $1500 plus tax ($3000 savings!)
By the end of this Course, you’ll have gained knowledge about:
  • Selecting a business entity that fits your vision and goals
  • Completing the basic elements that are part of a business plan/strategic plan
    • Mission, values, goals, company description, value proposition, target
    • audience, competition, market research, promotion, positioning, brand,
    • exit strategy options, budget/financials, exit strategy options, community
    • involvement strategies, operations
  • Building strong teams
  • Raising capital for your seed capital round
  • How to share your story and engage your audience
And have the tools and techniques you need to achieve your goals no matter what
happens in life!

Course Dates:  June 26 thru August 16, 2012
Class Days:      Tuesdays & Fridays
Class Times:    8am - 9:30am Hawaii Time                 
                          11am - 12:30pm Pacific Time                
                           2pm - 3:30pm Eastern Time                 

Just sign in with your name and valid email as your password --- then
click the “submit” button. Shortly after doing this you'll receive all of the
details for the series. Playback links will be available following each class,
but we need you to register to receive access.

7 Secrets of Successful
Social Enterprises
 & HOW YOU Can Be One Too
June 26 - August 16, 2012

is valued at $4,500
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Register now for this
-Week Teleseminar series
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June 26, 2012

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(1 Payment Option, $1500)
                    (3 Payment Option, $565 each)


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