The HO`IKE Group &
HO'IKE & Associates Consulting

SUSTAINabilityTM Focused - Prosperity, People, Planet & Purpose
Based on Native Hawaiian Principles & Values

Our Vision

We are the catalyst creating social capital in our community impacting economic, health and community prosperity using sustainable technologies.


Our Mission

The Ho'ike Group (THG) provides guidance to companies, nonprofits, communities and their leaders that want to ‘make money, do good and make a difference’ to shift to their next evolutionary stage resulting in more prosperity for all, healthier communities and a healthier planet.


We do this by guiding social enterprises using The HO`IKE Way™, a hybrid (hapa) system incorporating Western business practices with traditional Hawaiian values, creating stronger, more sustainable and more prosperous entities.


Also incorporate The PIKO Principle™ into our leadership and team building training as a way to move forward with your fears. 

Na Mahele (The Divisions)
HO`IKE & Associates
Focuses on developing prosperous social enterprises using The HO`IKE Way™.
  • Management Consulting
  • Social Enterprise "How To" Teleseminars
  • Leadership, Management & Innovation Teleseminars
  • The HO`IKE Way™ Certification & Training Program
HO`IKE Social Capital Venture Fund
Focuses on mezzanine funding for social enterprise ventures based on collaborative 'win-win' relationships.

HO`IKE Kumumea
Focuses on expanding appreciation of Hawaiiana via traditional and digital multimedia products.
  • TheWord.Info - every day a 'word of the day' is delivered to your email box or cell phone so you can learn a 'snippet' of a foreign language. Fun, affordable and easy to use, with the proper and completely improper usages. Available in Hawaiian to start.
  • DIYTours.Info - easily & affordable downloadable self guided tours given by knowledgeable local natives to share more information about historical and modern culture, happenings and folk lore to supplement tour books. Available for Oahu/Hawaii to start.
  • Books, Videos, Audios
HO`IKE 'Ohana (coming in 2012)
Focuses on EnLiving from the inside out. Empowering people to transform and BE the spiritual warrior within to heal ourselves and our planet by applying The PIKO Principle.™
  • 5 Paths of the Spiritual Warriors™ Retreats, Books & Trainings
  • Na KoaMana Membership Community
  • The PIKO Principle™ Leadership Retreats
WAIWAI Foundation
Focuses on empowering communities to create community-based behavioral change encouraging 4P sustainable, prosperous practices.
  • Programs fund innovative sustainable/renewable techologies in communities to improve living conditions (eg need for energy, clean drinking water, education, health care).
  • With the Foundation's guidance, communities reinvest the excess profits generated by these technologies in their own futures.


Investment Opportunities
The Ho'ike Group is seeking qualified investors who are interested in 'making a profit while making a difference', and supporting and creating fun, educational learning products about heritage, history and the amazing people whom make their little spot on this planet a community. If you are interested, please inquire at

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