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The PIKO Principle™ of Leadership
. . . is a technique we've developed to shift out of our fears and doubts, when we feel stuck, so we can continue to move forward with our fears.

When to Use This Technique
- when feeling stuck or overwhelmed
- when feeling anxious
- when having doubts
- when thinking I can't do this
- when thinking I don't know how
- when thinking why would anyone pay me for this?

The Creator's Inspirational Journey
There have been many times over the years, whether I was speaking to a group of 1000 CEOs at a business conference, or addressing a small class of 23 students, or sitting down to tell my staff about upcoming layoffs, when I felt anxious, afraid and all out fearful. I didn't want to do it and am actually extremely afraid of public speaking.

You know what I mean... when I'm so nervous that I'm worried about tripping when I enter on stage, or forgetting my speech, or worried about how the audience will receive my message, or that I will be judged or even worse, ignored. Well, a lot of those things have happened. And in every situation, I received feedback from the audience about how wonderful my speech was, how it spoke just to them, and how inspired they were.  I was astonished! How could this be true?

I discovered that the words coming out of my mouth, were the right words to share for the right people. They were ready and waiting to receive them. I just had to 'get past my fears', open my mouth, smile and start talking.

And, even more so, people have asked me what I do to shift out of my fears so I can still move forward. So, here's what I've learned to do, and it helps me to shift out of my head, down to my heart, and out of my heart, down to my tummy area, or na`au as we call it in Hawaiian.  And I am excited to share it with you.

The PIKO Principle Process
P - Pause
- just pause
I - Inhale - receive 3 deep breaths in, release slowly out
K - Connect - shift out of your mind, down into your heart, and then down into your na`au (your tummy area). Connect into your balance, into yourself, into others around you, into your abundance and true wealth
O - Observe - simply be still and observe how amazing and full you feel, how quiet it is, how you can no longer hear all those fears and thoughts and how peaeful you are

Move forward into action from here, and connect with others around you.

This is how to move out of my I (my ego) and into my i  (space between what is that is located in my na`au), to feel better, whole and ready to move forward.

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