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SUSTAINabilityTM Focused - Prosperity, People, Planet & Purpose
Based on Native Hawaiian Principles & Values
"From Struggle to Success:
    7 Secrets to a Prosperous, SUSTAINable Business
               (One Hour FREE Teleseminar)



  • Do you feel you have to choose between making money & doing good?
  • Do you have enough money to do ALL that you want to do with your business?
  • Do you need a business plan NOW to help you get the money you need?

In this FREE teleseminar, you’ll learn 7 secrets to transform your business into a sustainable, prosperous entity that makes money and does good.”

In this no-cost workshop, you’ll learn:

  • 3 Biggest Blunders that business owners make
  • 7 Simple Secrets to making a difference, making a living and making money
  • 5 Tips to attracting fun, like-minded people to join you, whether investors, clients or customers

By applying The Ho‘ike Way™, which combines pragmatic Western business practices with traditional Hawaiian values, your business will be more prosperous, sustainable and self-sufficient.

"If she's offering another training, I want to take it!"
     - Lori K

"I enjoyed your ability to weave business wisdom in to the sustainable earth view, thank you for your care and commitment."
"Kehau saw more in me than I saw for myself. I wanted to teach a few friends how to live their best life using a Visionboard. Kehau showed me what is possible and how to share it with the world!" 
                            - Barbara Pellegrino, CEO, Creative Living Seminars

You'll leave this FREE workshop knowing:   

  • The essential elements that are absolutely necessary in a successful business plan.
  • How to create money magnets to attract potential investors.
  • How to shift your language to engage investors, customers and team members.
  • How to properly build your business to ensure long-term sustainability and self-sufficiency.
  • How to transform your ideas or current business into a sustainable, profitable entity that makes money and does good!

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